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Channeling Royalty: 5 Gorgeous Crown Hairstyles

Channeling Royalty: 5 Gorgeous Crown Hairstyles

There’s something about royalty that’s particularly enticing to the masses. Perhaps it’s the decadent feasts, lavish dresses and opulent lifestyle. Or maybe it’s the rich and romanticized history… or even all that power. Whatever the charm, there’s no arguing with the fact that men and women alike are enthralled by monarchies. Let real life people, such as Duchess Catherine, or fictional characters, like Disney princesses, serve as prime examples of our fixation on all things royal.

(Confession: I am utterly obsessed with the Tudor era. So much so that I practically died of regal elation while touring the Tower of London a few years ago. And, lean in closely, I may or may not have had steamy dreams involving King Henry VIII.)

Ahem. Personal trivia disclosed, you may now understand why I’ve decided to share some of my favorite “crown hairstyles” that’ve been circulating around the blogosphere. Each style morphs your own coiffure into a royalty-inspired crown of sorts. Some are trickier to achieve than others, but one thing’s for certain: you’ll turn heads wearing any of the styles below.

Crown Braid Tutorial

This gorgeous crown braid hairstyle by Emily at OnceWed is, in a word, breathtaking. As the blog name implies, it’s perfect for a wedding hairstyle, too. Who needs an expensive veil when you’ve got a glorious crown of hair atop your head? The step-by-step process is on the blog along with accompanying photographs. To complete, you’ll need bobby pins, a brush, smoothing product and hairspray.

1daf9 OnceWed2 Channeling Royalty: 5 Gorgeous Crown Hairstyles

Coachella Crown Braid

Here’s another crown braid, but this one’s a bit less polished and more…well, Coachella appropriate. The video, put together by FreePeople on Youtube, walks you through all the steps, including hair color and hair prep before you even begin braiding. The overall look is relaxed, messy-chic and truly worth of a romp in the dry and dusty desert.


Crown of Flowers

Even if Old Man Winter is still hanging around your parts, you can still look forward to spring. And what says spring more effectively than a bouquet of flowers? A crown of buds atop your noggin’, that’s what. Which is why I absolutely must include a floral crown in this curated post. Christina at HairRomance knows what’s up. She did a roundup of various floral crown tutorials, which included the lovely number by Kelli Murray pictured here. Check them out on her blog and claim your title as queen of the garden.

62278 KelliMurray Channeling Royalty: 5 Gorgeous Crown Hairstyles

Mini Crown Braid

She Let’s Her Hair Down brings you this super simple and truly girlish hairstyle worthy of any hair texture or length. Rubi recommends slightly dirty (read: day 2 or day 3 hair) so that your braids stay in place. All the details are on the blog, but the whole process shouldn’t take you more than 10 or 15 minutes to complete. This look lends itself to slightly disheveled hair, stick straight hair and perfectly curled tendrils.

62278 MiniCrown Channeling Royalty: 5 Gorgeous Crown Hairstyles

Starburst Crown Braid

This one, brought to you by the mother/daughter team at CuteGirlHairstyles, is like one of those 3D picture books that makes you go cross eyed from staring for so long. But seriously, it’s a really cool, almost art deco-inspired hairstyle. I like the idea of softening it up a little bit, maybe pulling out a few stray hairs for a wispy, feminine effect. You can also go the taut route, which reads polished and keeps hair out of your face all day long. The tutorial’s written out on the blog, but there’s also a video to help walk you through. Protip: It’s easier than it looks.

62278 CuteGirlHairstyles Channeling Royalty: 5 Gorgeous Crown Hairstyles

For another take on this royally gorgeous hair trend, click here.

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