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50 Best Hair Secrets Revealed

d0891 50 hair secrets 50 Best Hair Secrets RevealedThere are good secrets and there are bad secrets. The best kind of secrets, though, are the kind that allow you to better yourself. Little “tricks” or “tips” of sorts that should be common knowledge, but aren’t. These are the kind of secrets that should be disseminated widely so they aren’t secrets anymore.

Today I’m dishing on hair secrets (naturally!) and I have some positively juicy tidbits that’ll make you say to yourself, “Ooh! I’ve never thought of doing that before!”

I’m not saying the below information will change your life or anything, but I can say with utmost certainty that you will walk away with more hair knowledge and know-how than you did before reading. And that’s a wonderful thing, hair lovers.

Hair Washing

1. Try washing your hair and night before bed and then sleeping on slightly damp locks, suggests L’Oreal Professional hair artist Pepper Pastor. She says that no matter what hair texture you have, the air-dried, slightly slept in look is a winner.

2. Stuck in a hair plateau? It may be your products’ fault. “The hair is alive – a creature of habit,” says Raphael Reboh, Founder of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach. “Once you find a cleansing and conditioning agent that works miracles on your strands, guess what — that feeling won’t last for long.  Shock the strands by switching up cleansing and conditioning agents at least every 4 to 6 weeks.”

3. “Washing your hair every day can take away nutrients that help keep it manageable,” notes George Gonzalez of George the Salon in Chicago. “Instead, a few times a week, just wet your hair in the shower without shampooing. Apply a conditioner, rinse out and follow with a leave-in.”

4. Determine your washing regimen by checking the oil level of your hair. To do this, professional hair stylist Joey Oso says to “Run an open napkin through your hair after a day or two of not washing it and with hardly any product in your hair.” If the napkin looks oily, consider washing your hair four to five times a week and not using an leave-in conditioner. If there’s hardly any oil, then wash hair every three days and use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, he says.

5. Avoid extra hot — and extra long — showers. The hotter your shower is, and the longer it lasts, the more your hair is stripped of natural oils that keep frizz at bay and locks shiny and lush. Lukewarm water is your friend.

6. “Did you know you can help shampoo away split ends?,” asks Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Hair Care. “Look for cleansing duos containing orchid extract, which restore the ‘cement’ between the cuticle cells to strengthen and protect hair.”

7. Another hair-washing tip from Salas: “Make sure to use a wide tooth bone comb, detangling your hair from the bottom and slowly working your way up since hair is in its most delicate state wet. This will prevent unnecessary breakage from occurring.”

8. Janelle Chapman, the creative director for OM haircare line, says to “always shampoo your hair twice for a ‘hair facial.’” That’s right — twice! “First shampoo to remove grease and dirt, then shampoo again to cleanse the hair. Follow by conditioning to moisturize your hair.”


9. The more unmanageable your hair is, the more moisturizer or conditioner you need, says Pastor.

10. Always check the ingredients on your products, insists Reboh. She says that some ingredients may contribute to excess frizz, especially alcohol or water-based products.

11. Rub a protein-rich hair product on the ends of your hairs to help nix split ends caused by heating tools, hair dyes and standard wear and tear.

12. If you want to take on frizz, opt for a really rich conditioner and then style with a setting spray or hair oil. This will keep fly aways at bay, explains Pastor.

13. For bouncier or more voluminous hair, don’t use really thick or heavy conditioners or styling products, says Pastor. Instead, opt for lighter styling products and slightly tease your roots.

14. Use oil-based setting or shine spray if your hair is prone to frizz or if you live in a really humid environment, suggests Reboh. This will nourish the shaft and keep hair from swelling with the moisture in the air.

15. Have problems making bobby pins or barrettes stay in place? Klimas says to first lightly spray dry shampoo on the bobby pin/barrette before inserting into hair. “The dry shampoo will keep the bobby pin from slipping or sliding and your style will be secure all day long!”


16. If you have really limp or fine hair, use a hair crimper at the roots, advises Pastor. This will add subtle body. She says to use a mini crimper for two inches at the roots.

17. To get stubborn hair to hold a blow dry, apply a light mousse to your hair first, such as L’Oreal’s Professional Mousse Volupte, and then use a smaller round brush instead of a big one. Pastor says this will give you longer lasting curls and body.

18. “If you want a uniform curl pattern, you also need a uniform application of styling product,” says Gonzalez.

19. When blow-drying, dry your hair halfway and then use any styling products. “When you add styling agents to wet hair, you may over saturate the strands, which will leave a heavy residue on the hair and decrease the length of a healthy, bouncy blowout,” says Reboh.

20. Want that messy, grungy, scratchy hair texture? Chapman says apply a salt spray dry, day two hair. Then, tuck it all up under a cap. “Blast with a blow dry and leave to cool for five minutes, then take it out, shake it out and hit the disco!”

21. When blow drying or flat ironing, make sure you control the ends with a brush or try using your hands to press the dried hair smooth.

22. For limp, “day two” hair, Theresa Klimas, senior manager of Kenra hair care line, says to apply a roof lifting spray, such as Kenra Root Lifting Spray 13, directly onto dry hair at the root and then “over direct” hair with a blow dryer. Over directing essentially means sectioning hair further over the head and not following your natural part. Then go back to your natural part and you’ll have instant volume.

23. “To create a great base for styling, the best way to avoid frizz is to blow dry your hair from the top down,” says Gonzalez. “Direct the dryer towards the ends.”‘

24. Another blow drying tip: Always dry the roots about 70% first and then focus on the ends, advises Gonzalez.

25. Not everyone should use their blow dryer or flat iron on the highest setting. The highest settings are reserved for those with the thickest and coarsest hair. The thinnest/finest hair should use the lowest setting. Chances are, you’re somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, so set your tools accordingly. Too hot can severely damage your locks.

26. “When blow drying or setting hair with a hot tool, make sure before you brush out the curls to let the hair become cold,” advises Chapman. She says it’s more important how the hair cools down as to how it is heated up.


27. For long lasting bangs, Reboh is adamant when she says, Don’t touch them! When women consistently touch and style their bangs during the day, “they accelerate the process of oil buildup,” she says. “Additionally, your fingers have residue/oil/dirt on them. Never use the fingers to touch or style the bangs. If you do, wash them first!”

28. If you need a quick refresher but don’t have time for a full wash, blow dry and style, just wash your bangs or the face-framing layers around your face before heading out the door.


29. “If you color or heat style hair regularly, then you know the hair encompasses variations of dryness and texture,” says Salas. Everyone wants flawless hair, but you must fix your porosity first to give tresses this healthy appearance.”

30. To save money and time, opt for subtle highlights. That means few highlights and in a color only slightly different from your base color. “This will make your color last longer because this will not show re-growth,” says Salas.

31. Ask your stylist to choose the tone of your highlights from the flex of your eyes, which will help bring them out no matter what clothes or makeup you’re wearing, recommends Salas.


32. It may be tempting, but don’t ever cut your bangs yourself. If you need just a quick trim, make an appointment at the salon explaining that you just want your bangs trimmed. They’ll pencil you in for a short appointment and won’t charge you the full price.

33. Not ready for a big haircut, but notice you have a lot of breakage, wispy ends or just need a quick trim? Opt for the newest trend in haircutting: dusting! Reboh says, “If you aren’t a fan of big bi-monthly snips, ask your stylist for a dusting. It is a light sweep of trimming the ends and will carry you through for at least 2 to 4 weeks between styling.”

34. “For those of you that aren’t interested in embracing your natural curl, talk to your stylist about a smoothing service to reduce curl and frizz,” advises Klimas. “You will still have the option to wear your hair curly and it will dissipate over time alleviating the un-natural looking grow out time associated with chemical straightening services.”

On-The-Go Hair Tips

35. “When hair is fully dirty and you don’t have a place to wash it, use a diffuser on a blowdryer around all your hair for about 10 minutes while rubbing your fingers through the lumps of hair strands,” advises Oso. “You’ll find your hair looking clean and fresh like it’s right out of the showe.”

36. Carry a new, travel-sized toothbrush in your purse as a mini fly away buster, advises Gonzalez. You can also carry a mini bottle of hairspray to spray the toothbrush first, which will “easily tame stubborn hairs.”

37. Stayed the night at a certain someone’s house and have no hair products? It’s A-OK to use his products, too. In fact, a lot of mens hair products are formulated for superior hold.

38. Chapman is a believer in what she calls “the t-shirt turban,” a makeshift shower cap that you can use anytime you need to shower, but don’t have a cap (like when you’re traveling). “Remove your t-shirt so the neck is around your hair line. Roll it all into a twist and then tuck under the front to secure. Then hit the shower and no moisture or water will destroy your hair style!”

40. “Try to stash a small brush and dry shampoo in your purse,” says Reboh. ”Spray the brush with dry shampoo and brush the bangs from under (oil/residue from the face and forehead) and then on top to refresh the strands.”

General Advice

41. “Make sure to have a humidifier in your home to help avoid the drier air from pulling moisture from your tresses and skin,” recommends Gonzalez.

42. Just as your skin is susceptible to the sun’s rays, so is your hair. Excess sun exposure can damage your hair. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, use a light hair spray with SPF protection. Alternatively, carry a sun umbrella, wear a hat or hang out in the shade when you can.

43. Chances are, you’re using bobby pins incorrectly. The longest part should be on top (not next to your scalp). Also, it’s best to use two pins and cross them. Thick or thin, this will hold the hair all day long.

44. If you’re a frequent pool swimmer, rinse your hair before you dive in the deep end. This keeps hair from absorbing the chlorine and other chemicals, which damage hair (and can even turn it green). Another tip: wear a cap!

45. “I love shopping for hair goods in a hardware store,” says Chapman. In other words: don’t be afraid to get creative!  “My new favorite is using cable ties to secure pony tails.” She says it keeps them locked in really tight all day long.

46. Got dandruff? Contrarily to popular belief, dandruff is not caused by a dry scalp. Instead, it’s a minor skin disease that can be made worse when oily products are rubbed onto the scalp. Your best bet is medicinal shampoos that treat the skin disease.

47. What you eat matters. For example, consuming more salmon and nuts (or foods with essential fatty acids) will create a healthier scalp. Leafy greens and carrots also promote healthier hair. Contrarily, a poor diet can leave your hair limp and dull.

Curly Hair

48. Many women with curly hair tend to use heavier products to weigh their hair down. Lighter products will help you get the look you want quicker and easier.

49. For women with very short, curly hair (or men), Klimas says to ask your stylist for a cut that accentuates the natural curl. “This will be an easy shampoo and go style for those with less time on their hands,” she says.

50. Klimas has advice for women with longer curly hair, too. “For a longer look to show off your natural curl, ask your stylist to add layers to your look. This will remove some of the bulk that may weigh down your curls.”

BONUS: Use a hair diffuser extension on your blow dryer and gently rest your hair on top. Use a medium to cool setting and dry hair slowly and gently. This also creates more curl definition and less frizz.

11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

The man of your dreams finally asked you on a date, and now you’re not only freaking out about your outfit, but your hair as well! Sound familiar? Well, take a chill pill girlfriend. Whether you’re headed to a sporting event or a five star restaurant, these to-die-for date night hairdos are bound to make a lasting impression!

9aaab DateNightHair 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

1. A Simple, Sleek High Bun

A classic bun at the top of the head screams high fashion and if perfect for fancy dates, says celebrity hairstylist Claudio Lazo, owner of C The Salon in Studio City, CA. “Carry a small can of hairspray in your bag, and always, always, always have a few hairpins handy for touchups throughout the night.” Hey, you never know when disaster might strike or a sudden gust of wind could totally mess up your mane! It’s best to be prepared.

9aaab highbun 337x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

2. The Whimsical Side Chignon

According to Claudio, a chignon can be worn on every type of date. It all depends on how you rock it, however. For example, if you’re going with the whimsical side chignon (one of our favorite looks!), he suggests trying it out for a casual summer date night. “Not that much work is needed, and it’s a hairdo that turns any woman into a chicer version of herself, whether she knows how to control her hair or not.”

9aaab side chignon 333x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

3. Boho Beach Waves

Boho beach waves are another fabulous low-key date night hairstyle idea. They’re effortless and give off that free-spirited, cool girl vibe. To score the messy look, Claudio recommends flash drying hair from the bottom up, about 80% of the way. Then, split it down the center and braid it. Spritz with a little hairspray, blow dry the rest and undo the braid for beautiful beach waves.

ecd4f bohobeachwaves 332x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

4. The Power Pony

Headed to drinks with your date after work? Sport the power pony! “The volume in this hairstyle makes it great for the transition from day to night,” notes Donet Dee Eiwasian, a stylist at Assembly Salon in LA. First, blow dry your hair to achieve sleek looking locks. Take sections at the crown next (as shown in the photo), and tease your hair at the root. Secure the “pouf” with bobby pins in a criss cross pattern right below your crown. Now, take the rest of your hair and put it up into a ponytail. Grab the end of the teased and secured section and wrap this around the base of your pony to hide the hair elastic. Secure with bobby pins, and you’re ready to roll.

ecd4f powerpony 359x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

5. The Runway Blowout

This look works in practically any setting, especially on a fancy shmancy dinner date, points out Donet. “Roughly blow dry your hair or use your round brush to get strands extra sleek. Wrap sections around a large 1.5-inch curling iron, and don’t brush out the curl. Let your hair completely cool before repeating on your entire head.” Once it’s cooled the second time around, brush out and voila: you have a beautiful, salon-worthy blowout!

ecd4f runwayblowout 359x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

6. A Super Quick Wavy Side Pony

In a rush, but still want your hair to look hot? Don’t worry! You can cheat and recreate this style in minutes by only curling the hair in your ponytail, says seasoned hairstylist Sherri Jessee. “Start by brushing your hair over to one side, and tie it off with a covered elastic band. Take a small section of hair next, and wrap it around to conceal the band. Secure it in place with a few bobby pins. Then, curl the rest of your hair with a one-inch curling iron.” Your date won’t be able to take his eyes off you!

ecd4f wavysidepony 333x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

7. A Chignon With Serious Flower Power

There’s nothing more romantic than accessorizing with a flower! “Using your fingers to amp up texture, rake your hair back into a low ponytail,” advises Jessee. “Loosely twist the ends, and pin them to form an asymmetrical chignon. Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh spring flowers, and secure one of them in your hair for the perfect accent.” You can also find flirty, clip-on faux flowers at your local drugstore or beauty supply store.

ecd4f flowerchignon 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

8. Voluminous Soft Waves

Soft waves are sure to win his heart every time, says Jessee. And we totally agree! To achieve this look at home, she recommends applying a volumizing mousse to freshly shampooed hair, then blow dry it. “Roll hair on medium sized electric rollers. For longer lasting curls, allow the set to cool completely before removing. Now, turn your head upside down, and brush hair with a soft bristle brush. Gently smooth it into place, and spray with a touchable hairspray like Pravana Super Shape.”

ecd4f softwaves 325x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

9. Effortless Sex Kitten Hair

Wow your date with effortless come-hither hair! “On towel dried locks, apply a cocktail of styling cream and Obliphica Professional Treatment Serum; distribute evenly, and spritz a volumizing spray on your roots,” instructs celebrity hairstylist and creative director of Obliphica Professional, John Blaine. “For maximum volume, blow dry your hair with a large, round, boar bristle brush. Use large velcro rollers next, and leave them in while you do your makeup and get dressed.” When you’re ready to go, take them out, and run one pump of Treatment Serum throughout your strands. “This will give you that dreamy summer night’s hair. Plus, the smell will drive him wild!”

ecd4f effortlesshair 550x367 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

10. Vintage Hollywood Waves

According to John, the vintage Hollywood look is always in. He suggests spraying damp hair with volumizer to start, then mix styling cream with Treatment Serum and distribute evenly. “Create a razor straight side part (it must be straight!), and blow dry your hair with a roller brush. Set waves with hot rollers all going downward and toward your face. Let cool before brushing out and into shape.” To help mold the shape, he advises using a comb and your fingers. Finally, spritz with some hairspray and get ready to blow your date away!

ecd4f vintagewaves 333x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

11. An Artistic Textured Updo

A lot of women only associate long hair as sexy, but John believes hair pulled up is even more seductive because you can see the neck of the woman. To fashion this style, he says to apply Obliphica Professional Multi Task Styling Cream to damp hair and distribute evenly. “Blow dry your hair upside down, and begin grabbing sections of hair starting in the lower back; pin these with bobby pins. Work your way up to the front, letting your creativity flow by sculpting and molding the shape you want. Remember, it’s all about that texture!”

ecd4f texturedupdo 333x500 11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

How to Do a Perfectly Messy 5-Strand Braid

Have you ever seen the 5-strand braid and wanted to learn how to do it? My name is Melissa with My Soul Is The Sky and I’m here to show you just how easy it is!It’s really just a simple weaving of the hair back and forth in an over under pattern. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll quickly be on your way to learning the cute and intricate 5-strand braid!
1dced 5 strandBraid How to Do a Perfectly Messy 5 Strand Braid

1dced 5 strandBraid How to Do a Perfectly Messy 5 Strand Braid


1. Begin by separating the hair into five strands.

2. Starting on the right side, take the two farthest strands and cross the right one over the left.

3. Drop the strand in your right hand and cross the one in your left hand under the next strand on the left.

4. Now drop the strand on the right and cross the original strand over the next one on the left.

5. Then drop that right strand and cross the original strand under the next one on the left.

See the over, under, over method?
Now begin the same steps but working in the opposite direction towards the right side. I’ve asked my model to hold our original strand (which is now the farthest left strand, to keep it out of the way).

6. Holding the furthest left piece out of the way, take the next two strands and cross the strand on the left under the strand on the right.

7. Now cross the strand in your left over over the next strand on the right.

8. Then cross the strand in your left under the farthest right strand.

9. Drop that strand (which is now the furthest strand on the right) and begin working in the opposite direction crossing the right strand under the left one next to it.

10. Then, cross the right strand over the next strand on the left.

11. Now, cross the right strand under the next strand on the left.

12. Continue this weaving, over, under, over, until you get to the bottom of the hair.

13. Secure the end with an elastic.

14. You’re done!

If you love this braid, then you’ll love my zig-zag Dutch braid tutorial too! For more beauty and hair inspiration, come visit me over at My Soul Is The Sky.

Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

May 12, 2013

Feel free to follow CGH on Instagram to see behind-the-scenes photos of our hairstyles and family!

Many fans have emailed or tagged me in photos from Pinterest and Instagram asking me to film a mermaid braid tutorial.

To be honest, I haven’t loved the style enough to film one because I didn’t particularly like how the strands pulled into the braid from the front and sides.

Thinking about it for some weeks now, it hit me that we should create a hairstyle combination using the Waterfall Twists as a base for the style… and then use the falling strands of those twists as the “add-ins” for the Mermaid Braid!

694a4 IMG 1791 300x200 Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

694a4 IMG 3603 300x300 Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

If you love this photo, please feel free to pin it!

When I tried it out, as soon as I released the braid… it nearly took my breath away! We L-O-V-E-D it!!!

694a4 IMG 1807 200x300 Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

CGH#3 wanted to be my model knowing that today is Mother’s Day, and she asked to do the video introduction as well! Isn’t she adorable???

694a4 IMG 3602 300x300 Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

If you love this photo, please feel free to pin it!

90773 IMG 1820 300x200 Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

90773 IMG 1835 300x200 Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

90773 IMG 1813 300x200 Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 small hair elastic, hairspray, and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by brushing hair, and making a center part right down the head…
  2. Complete a waterfall twist on both sides of the head, beginning near the temples and ending at the back of the head…
  3. Take the ends of both twists {you should have 4 strands total} and create three strands from them {I do this by joining together two strands, one from each side, to create one strand}…
  4. Now begin a simple braid….
  5. After one complete stitch, pick up the nearest waterfall strand {the hair running through the twist} on the left side of the head and add it into your left-most braid strand…
  6. Now pick up the nearest waterfall strand on the right side of the head and add it into your right-most braid strand…
  7. Next, complete a regular braid stitch without adding in any hair {this will space out the stranding and create the mermaid braid look}..
  8. Repeat Steps 5-7 by adding in the waterfall strands until you run out…
  9. After all waterfall strands are included, finish the rest of the hair off into the simple braid…
  10. Secure with a hair elastic…
  11. Add any accessory or ribbon as desired.


Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think, and as always… feel free to share!

Happy Hairdoing!

90773 MindySig Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstyles

* Note from Mindy: Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1st, so if you want to follow our blog… you can do so at BlogLovin, a new easy-to-use blog reader for women!

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  1.  Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute HairstylesLaura on May 12, 2013 at 6:53 pm said:

    I love this one and can’t wait to try it out on my DD tomorrow. Does your little sweet pea have asthma? She looked so pitiful sitting there with her neb mask on.

  2.  Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstylesjamie on May 12, 2013 at 10:05 pm said:

    WOW! So beautiful!

  3.  Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute HairstylesOlivia on May 12, 2013 at 10:25 pm said:

    Pretty! Aren’t you going to Disney world with Jenny from show me cute?

  4.  Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstylesbeccaroni99 on May 13, 2013 at 5:57 am said:

    This is amazing and I can’t wait to try it!!!!!!

  5.  Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute HairstylesMeg on May 13, 2013 at 9:26 am said:

    So cool- looking! And so simple!
    Thank you Mindy!!!

  6.  Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid | Cute Hairstylesvera on May 13, 2013 at 12:41 pm said:

    Love them!!!

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Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

Admittedly, I have a fair number of pet peeves. But do you want to know what one of my greatest frustrations is? That little damp spot that shows up on the nape of your neck from sweating — even when you haven’t been exerting yourself much at all! And don’t get me started on the little dew drops that make an appearance around your hairline.

It must be said, though, dear hair lovers: a little sweat is the price we pay for glorious spring and summer weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t take action to keep cool during the hot months, though. For the next five months or so, I suggest wearing hairstyles that minimize heat overload (and consequently sweat deluge). You can start with the six hot weather hairstyles I’ve highlighted below.

The Five Strand Braid

Okay, so we all know that a quick side braid is like, the easiest solution to the frantic, “What do I do with my hair?!” dilemma you’re faced with when you have 10 minutes to get ready. Whether you’re running around the house like a crazy lady trying to beat the clock or you simply don’t want to mess with your mane, I propose the side braid. But not just any side braid. Oh no. I propose the five-strand side braid, which looks a million times cooler and doesn’t require much more effort. (Plus it keeps the hair off your neck.) Bobbyglam walks you through the steps in her video.

French Braided Ponytail

What screams summer more than a high ponytail? Ice cream and beach balls, perhaps, but you get what I’m saying. Again, though, you don’t want to throw your hair into just any old pony tail and run out the door. You have a hair reputation to uphold, after all. For an easy ponytail style that’ll garner oohs and ahhs, I suggest you try Lilith Moon’s “French Braided Ponytail.” J’adore! I’m seriously in love with this style. If I see any of you wearing it on the street, I may have to stop and give you a high five. Check out her video tutorial for all the deets.

269e3 frenchbraidpony 550x367 Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

Twist Braid

Mmk, so nothing’s quite as unflattering as sweaty hair matted to your forehead. Not to mention, that can cause an acne outbreak which is the last thing any woman wants. The solution to the “sweaty, matted hair effect” is to sweep hair off your face/forehead. With this “Twist Braid” hair style, not only will you keep cooler, you’ll look darn cute, to boot! The tutorial comes to you from Alejandra Amador Vidal (or Ale), who runs the “Imagine Ale” blog. The style keeps most of your hair down, but sweeps up your bangs/face-framing layers into a sweet, off-center, twisted braid.

269e3 twist braid hair tutorial imaginale photo 550x310 Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

Twist Braid Hair Tutorial from Ale Vidal on Vimeo.

Summertime Hair Wrap

This one’s perfect for hot days working in the garden or cleaning the house. It keeps hair up and out of your face/off your neck, but you still look positively darling. I can also see this one outside of the house, as well. So many possibilities! This particular “summertime hair wrap” tutorial is featured on the More Design Please blog, which provides a thorough, picture tutorial that outlines everything you need to know. I suggest wearing your wrap/scarf with hair secured in a claw or quick French twist.

269e3 summertime hairwraps DIYstep2 231x500 Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstylesfba7c summertime hairwraps DIYstep4 280x500 Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

Lazy Girl’s Milkmaid Braid

Anytime the word “lazy” is in a tutorial description I’m all over it. And I assume you are, as well, if this subtitle title caught your attention read this far. “M” at the Tongue in Chic blog is one of us, too. “Sometimes, I just don’t have the time to fix my hair,” she says. “Cue the milkmaid braid, which for me is the perfect quick fix for (gasp) dirty hair.” This abbreviated version of your standard milkmaid braid takes no more than 10 minutes to complete and works on various hair textures. Win!

fba7c milkmaidbraid1 Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

Triple Braided Cinnamon Bun

Okay, so I’ve covered the side braid, the pony tail and the hair wrap. How can I not include a bun? While I love the ease of a sock bun or a top knot, I propose something less expected this summer. Ladies, meet the Cinnamon Roll Bun. Mmm…cinnamon rolls. Ahem.  This one comes to you from The Freckled Fox’s Emily, who creates three of the cinnamon roll buns at the nape of her neck. You can stick to just one if you prefer.

fba7c cinnamonrollbun 550x327 Cool Off With These 6 Hot Weather Hairstyles

BONUS: Stay cool AND chic with these creative scarf hairstyles, too!

A DIY Guide to Repairing Damaged Hair

af123 DamagedHairGraphic A DIY Guide to Repairing Damaged HairHow to Fix Damaged Hair (and when to cut it off)

Is your hair somewhat damaged or totally trashed? And, what can you do when it‘s true that you can’t mend split ends? Here’s the latest on hair that’s hurting, along the lines of prevent, correct and protect.

What Causes Hair Damage?

In 2006, a Regis salons survey found that 70% of U.S. women thought their hair was damaged; a September, 2012, Head Shoulders survey found 57% thought so. That’s progress, at least. With healthy-looking hair at the forefront of fashion and technological improvements in products that really do work from the inside out, the only new danger is in spring’s love affair with the ubiquitous ponytail—every designer embraced it.

According to the Head Shoulders survey, one of the leading causes of hair damage is putting hair in a tight ponytail. But really, it’s the chemical whammy that kills cuticles, and here’s why.

af123 AnatomyofHair A DIY Guide to Repairing Damaged HairDamaged Hair for Smarties

Chemistry is cool: it explains why and how certain products can strengthen and hydrate hair, and why specific things damage it. Technically, hair is dead because once outside the body, its cells no longer divide. But it can be degraded, just like fabric that’s over-exposed to bleach.

What is hair? About 90% keratin protein, along water, lipids and melanin (color granules). The hair’s outermost cuticle layer has overlapping scales that lie flat if the hair is healthy. Sebum naturally coats it: That isn’t a bad thing; it’s a shine thing.

The cortex is largely keratin protein, which comprises coiled chains of amino acids. The chains are cross-linked, much like a ladder with rungs, only the links form different types of bonds, as opposed to one horizontal rung.

Bonds that Bind

  • Hydrogen bonds are broken every time hair gets wet; then they reform. That’s why wet hair is fragile, and you can dry it into a new shape. Lack of moisture can reduce these bonds. They’re weak, but there are so many, they account for almost 1/3 of the hair’s strength, so you definitely want to shore them up.
  • Another 1/3 of hair’s strength comes from weak salt bonds that depend on pH. Strong acidic or alkaline solutions break salt bonds.
  • Disulfide bonds are the permanent bonds that get broken during chemical processes, like perming and relaxing. In perming, some but not all the bonds are reformed into a new shape. That’s what makes straight hair curly—it’s also why repeated perming creates mushy, spaghetti-like strands. Disulfide bonds are permanently broken during relaxing, to make the hair straight. (Some newer products like Surface Hair by Wayne Grund claim to loosen the bonds instead of breaking them.) Once these bonds are broken, the hair is naturally weaker.

Pigment granules also occur in the cortex; permanent coloring and bleaching change them through a chemical reaction that alters the hair’s color. The upshot: chemicals affect the shape, strength, elasticity and moisture level of your hair.

The medulla runs through the center and can even be absent—usually in very fine and blonde hair. Finally comes “intercellular cement,” lipids and proteins that join the cells in the cortex. You can’t see any of this, but RD departments do when they test their product’s effect on hair by viewing it microscopically. L’Oreal patented the Ceramide in Kérastase, because it replicates intercellular cement, strengthening the hair.

Damage Done

The front line defense against damaged hair is simple: Don’t do what causes the damage in the first place. Then, correct what you can and protect against future damage. According to top hairstylists, the 5 most common causes of hair damage are:

1. Relaxing, Straightening and Texturizing/Perming

If you understood the chemistry lesson, then you get that chemical treatments weaken hair. Most relaxers use sodium hydroxide (lye) or a close chemical cousin—don’t be fooled by “no lye.” Japanese Thermal Straightening uses the same chemical permanent waves do, thioglycolate.

Chemically altered hair can be protected with TLC, but the real problem comes with the retouch. Overlapping between the new growth (roots) and the previously chemically treated hair results in compound damage. Even pros find it hard to avoid that fine line—home users always create overlap. Also, relaxers should be applied to the fragile hairline last, which home users seldom do.

Once hair has been chemically straightened (or texturized to either create or loosen curl), use moisturizing products daily, deep-condition weekly and dial down the heat when styling. If you see breakage or if your hair is lifeless, get a good haircut and up your hair’s moisture/protein balance with a customized, in-salon treatment like Mizani Custom Blend Conditioning or Redken Chemistry.

Straight Tip: Brazilian Keratin treatments don’t break bonds, they coat the hair with a fibrous latticework to hold it in place straight. Shampoos and conditioners with sulfates degrade the latticework faster.

2. Bleaching and Coloring

Hair lighteners and permanent color also act in the cortex. According to Suzie Bond, who owns Perfect 5th salon in Mooresville, NC, during lightening with bleach, the internal protein chains are broken down as the color lightens. Permanent color also lightens before it deposits a new shade, but not in as stressful a manner as bleach does.

“Repeated applications are what usually create trouble,” says Bond. “The protective cuticle gets opened with every application to allow the product into the cortex. The hair has no ability to close the cuticle back down on its own or repair itself.”

Repairing structural damage takes time and there are many hair care ingredients that can help, such as moisturizers, keratin protein and amino acids—if they penetrate to the cortex and seal the cuticle. Read product claims for both these benefits.

“To avoid damage when home-coloring, apply the color to the new growth only,” adds Bond. “Demi-permanent color also opens the cuticle. With repeated applications—say, over six—you could experience some damage from it, but not as much you’d get from permanent haircolor.”

To prevent problems, never over-bleach hair. Only retouch your roots, and correct dryness with leave-in conditioners. Avoid salt water and the sun’s UV rays. The latter can break down melanin and keratin as much as a gentle lightener can.

Color Flash: Never use bleach-based lighteners on relaxed hair—it will break. And don’t think “ammonia-free” permanent color is a panacea. If it is permanent and ammonia-free, it uses MEA, a chemical that’s similar to ammonia, which may not lighten as precisely.

3. Thermal Damage

af123 heatstyling A DIY Guide to Repairing Damaged HairOver heat-styling leads to dry, brittle hair with split ends. Or worse, a burned off cuticle. Why then do barely
20% of women use thermal protectors before heat styling?

“Think of the hair fiber as fabric; silk-like, healthy fine hair can take heat at 300-degrees, but corduroy-strong coarse hair can withstand 400-degrees,” says Eric Fisher, owner of Eric Fisher Salons and Academy in Wichita, KS. “I always protect the hair first with Aquage Beyond Shine and work it in with my fingers. Then, I keep the blow dryer moving.”

Direct air flow down strands, and be fast. When using thermal irons, test a small section first, slowly increasing the time the iron is held in place. You can and should take regular breaks from heat styling—get creative!

In the End: Damaged ends either split or come to a point, as opposed to appearing blunt. “When a woman doesn’t want to cut off more than half an inch, I show her how her hair at the ends should be as thick as it is in the middle,” notes Fisher. “The only solution to damaged ends is to cut them off.”

4. Too Heavy or Incorrectly Applied Hair Extensions

When Jennifer Aniston said hair extensions ruined her hair, women started removing them—something you should never do at home unless they clip in. Attachment systems are numerous and varied, but the newest, safest one uses flat tape bonding. The old track-and-sew method also minimizes damage—in “natural hair” salons, these extension styles are known as “protective,” because they protect hair that’s transitioning and has a fragile line between the previously relaxed hair and the curly new growth.

At the country’s premiere hair extension salon, Angelo David Salon in NYC, extensions are custom created for the individual, with the natural hair’s health in mind. Home care is critical to avoiding breakage, and Angelo sends clients home with special a hand out. The key: TLC! Use detanglers and comb gently. Always shampoo, condition and style in a downward direction.  Avoid pulling and tugging.

Hair extensions that are too long or too heavy for fragile or fine hair can also cause breakage. Extensions should never be used on damaged or bleached hair.

On Going Faux: Have an experienced extensionist apply and remove extensions, and check your natural hair for breakage each time. Traction alopecia from too-tight braids or extensions destroys the follicle forever.

af123 Wet A DIY Guide to Repairing Damaged Hair5. Mechanical Damage

Rubbing, pulling, tugging and brushing hair when it’s wet stretches it to the breaking point, creates spilt ends and roughs up the cuticle. Since most of this damage occurs at the ends or on top, Fisher advises blotting hair gently, then combing through sections with a large-toothed comb, working from the ends up.

Go slowly and use a leave-in detangler. Then, section off the top to dry last. Flat wrap the hair forward, then back, as you remove excess moisture before styling. When hair is 75-80% dry, apply styling products evenly from roots to ends by starting in back and working forward. Hair will be much easer to mange and style.             “Women always start by putting products in the middle, even my wife does it,” laments Fisher.

The big brush off: According to Sam Villa, education artistic director for Redken 5th Avenue, when you hold a brush horizontally and brush downward, the rows of bristles turn little snarls into big, fat  knots. Instead, hold the brush vertically at 45-degrees, angled downward. Fewer rows of bristles engage the hair and detangling is easier.

Best Shampoos For Damaged Hair

At Home: L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 with Pro-Keratine and Ceramide

In Salons: Suzie Bond recommends L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Fiberceutic

Best Conditioners for Damaged Hair

In salons and online: Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense Conditioning Spray

In stores: Herbal Essences Hydralicious Reconditioning Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair

Best Duos: Kérastase Resistance Force Architecte shampoo and masque

ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment and Balanced Moisturizer

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

You can slather on all the olive oil and egg whites you want, but they don’t penetrate to the hair’s cortex. Hot oil treatments are fine, but anything thick and moisturizing will smooth the cuticle. The questions are: will it wash out easily, and do you really want to smell like mayo or corn oil?

If you must: Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo and towel blot your hair. Then mix1 part protein conditioner, 1 part All-Nutrient Pure Oil or extra virgin olive oil and 1 part moisturizing conditioner. Apply to your hair as a mask and cover with a plastic bag, then a towel. This uses natural heat from the scalp to encourage product penetration. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse.

Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

May 05, 2013

Note from Mindy: Don’t forget to see BrooklynAndBailey‘s recap of the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards, and enter their first giveaway… OPI Minnie “Minis” nail polish!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

I know that Fishtail Braids are all the rage these days, especially any that are variations of the original fishtail braid.

Recently, we have found photos on Pinterest of this cute Reverse Fishtail hairstyle, but we did not know how to recreate one. {I also just found out that Princess Hairstyles has a good tutorial on a French version of this braid.}

563d7 IMG 1710 300x200 Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

563d7 IMG 3386 300x300 Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

If you love this photo, please “Pin” it!

As you know, the stitches on a standard Fishtail Braid have a distinct “v” herringbone pattern.

Well, a Reverse {or Inverse} Fishtail Braid has an inverted “^” pattern which is very different than what you see around.

563d7 ReverseFishtail 300x152 Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

I spent a few hours a week or so ago perfecting this hairstyle on my mannequin head, and as I completed the first five stitches or so, it seemed like I was doing something wrong! Just as I figured on giving up, all of the sudden… the braid popped out perfectly! A beautiful inverse herringbone pattern!

563d7 IMG 1675 300x200 Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles


563d7 IMG 1693 300x200 Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

I then recreated it on CGH#3 that day, and had her go show it to Bailey, her older sister. Bailey quickly asked… “How did you do that? I want to learn it!” So, last week, we were pretty much wearing reverse fishtail braids every day!

0b178 IMG 1737 300x200 Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

0b178 IMG 1736 300x200 Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

Hope you enjoy, and if you do… please feel free to share!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair band, 1 small hair elastic, hairspray and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-8 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by combing all the hair into a high ponytail or desired location of the fishtail and secure with a hair band {I sprayed the hair with water first, to make the ponytail clean and crisp}…
  2. Separate the ponytail into two equal sections…
  3. Take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the right section, and take it behind the rest of that same section and combine it into the inside edge of the left section {in a regular fishtail braid, you would go over the section of hair, and not under}…
  4. Now take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the left section, and take it behind the rest of that section, and combine it into the inside edge of the right section {simply the opposite of Step #3}…
  5. Continue Steps 3 4 over and over again until you run out of hair…
  6. When you get to the end of your braid, secure it with a hair elastic.
  7. You may tug on the edges of the braid to soften the fishtail, and create a more romantic look, if desired.
  8. Add any desired hair accessory {such as a bow, ribbon or clip} to finish it off.

If you liked this, you may very well love our other Fishtail Braid tutorials!

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think, and as always… feel free to share!

Happy Hairdoing!

0b178 MindySig Reverse Fishtail Braid | Cute Braid Hairstyles

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The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Ombre’ is one the hottest hair color trends because it has so many different options! The variety of this trend can be seen in every magazine and on the runways. Go bold, soft, colorful or natural with endless color choices. It’s a great way to have low maintenance hair that doesn’t sacrifice style!

Soft Caramel Dream

Even if you’re far from the beach, you can achieve the ultimate beachy babe look. A soft transition into caramel ombre’ paired with loose curls can easily go from office to evening, or is always perfect for a day at the beach!

e2f9a soft caramel dream long wavy look The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See82877 soft caramel dream long wavy look back view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any shade of skin tone can wear this soft shade. Ask your stylist to match up your perfect caramel shade to partner with your natural brown, or a shade you choose. Medium to thick hair that holds a curl nicely works best for this style.


If you are a dark haired beauty that colors your hair, it may take a few appointments to achieve the lightness of this look. Talk to your stylist and grab a take home conditioning treatment to keep your locks looking great. Try Pravana’s Nevo 60 Sec Deep Treatment.

Chocolate Cherry

Ombre’ doesn’t always have to be the expected brown to blonde transition. This chocolate into cherry transition adds interest and a bit of brightness to your everyday look! It’s great for those brunette beauties who don’t want to go lighter but love the ombre’ look.

82877 chocolate cherry long ombre style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to medium skin tones carry the red beautifully, while hair that is thick will replicate this picture more closely.


When adding red to your hair, make sure to shampoo with a color safe, sulfate-free shampoo. Try Kevin Murphy Hydrate Shampoo paired with a leave-in conditioner with UVA and UVB inhibitors to keep your red looking fabulous!

Pink Ribbons

One of the hottest trends within the ombre’ trend is to add bright vivid colors! Blonde looks amazing with ribbons of pink twisted within beautiful curls. Not a pink fan? Try lavender, mint green, coral, baby blue or pale yellow.

82877 pink ribbons blonde highlighted style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

For the cool blonde, light toned beauties with cooler undertones look best, but pink goes with any skin tone!  Hair that is compromised (or damaged) will grab onto bright colors easier.


Not sure if you want a bright color every day? Give it a try with clip-in extensions. Ask your stylist where you can purchase them or if they could custom make them for you in your favorite hue.

Honey Clouds

Soft fluffy curls paired with a honey toned ombre’ leaves you feeling like you’re walking up in the clouds!  A soft transition is key with this color.

82877 honey clouds long ombre color with straight fringe The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium toned skin with warmer undertones looks best in this shade of honey. Mid to fine hair types will achieve this look easily with the right tools and products.


Keep your finer locks healthy and hydrated with Pravana’s Intense Therapy leave-in treatment. To keep heat damage at a minimum, try some no heat options for beautiful curls.

Barely There Ombre’

There is no ombre’ law against reversing it, and making it a soft, barely there hue. This adds interest and makes ends appear thicker. It’s also perfect for the blonde who wants something different, but loves the lightness around their face.

82877 barely there ombre transparent hues The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Mid to light skin tones that love a platinum blonde look fantastic in this color. Hair that is medium thickness and wavy will hold this style all day.


Want to try this ombre’ look, but scared of commitment?  Ask your stylist to use a demi permanent color. The color will slowly fade off and if you love it, they can use permanent the next time.

Short and Sassy Ombre’

Short haired ladies don’t have to miss out on all the fun of the latest color trend! Strokes of blonde brighten this cropped look and create serious texture.

82877 short and sassy look The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See82877 short and sassy look side view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any skin tone looks great with this soft blonde gracing the ends of a chocolate brown. Short hair that is straight in texture and medium to thick wears this cropped ombre’ beautifully.


Start off with just a few painted on ombre’ highlights. If your stylist gets too overzealous it can quickly turn into an all over color!

A Bit of Platinum

Bright, platinum ends are one of the most popular colors within the super hot, ombre’ trend. Paired with ringlet curls, this look will draw attention anywhere you go!

82877 bit of platinum long curly style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light porcelain skin tones make this color pop! Hair that is medium to thick and curly make styling this hot look a breeze.


When lightening your ends for an ombre’ look, expect to get a haircut too. When lightening ends, it can create dryness or brittleness. Prior to your appointment, do weekly conditioning treatments to prep your ends and keep them in shape.

The Reverse Ombre’

Adding a warm brown transition from bright blonde keeps the lightness around your face and gives you an edgy look that turns heads at every bend. Reversing the ombre’ also conceals damage on ends of over-lightened hair and makes it appear thicker and smoother.

2cc93 reverse ombre edgy look The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See2cc93 reverse ombre edgy look long bangs The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light toned ladies who love their blonde but want something different and edgy look great in this reverse ombre’. Hair texture that is medium to thick and straight or wavy carries this color best.


Going darker for a lot of blondes is a hard thing. Especially when you are going darker on your ends, ask your stylist to use a semi or demi permanent color. This way if you’re not 100% about your new color, it will gradually fade off with no damage.

Face Framing Ombre’

A great way to brighten up your all over look is to add some face framing ombre’ highlights around the front of your hair. These pieces are brought up closer to the scalp, just through your fringe and face frame.  It’s a great way to have summer hair all year long!

2cc93 face framing ombre long style with highights The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light skin tones work amazing with this sandy light brown and golden umbre’, while hair that is curly or straight can wear these face framing ombre’ lights best!


When asking your stylist for the face framing ombre’ highlights, discuss how heavy or subtle you want them to be. The best way to get exactly what you want is to bring pictures with you to your next color appointment.

Copper Glow

It’s hard for any stylist to agree to change out a natural redheads color, but adding a golden ombre’ is a different story! Whether you are naturally copper or carry it well, a soft transition into light gold brightens your skin tone and looks amazing.

2cc93 copper glow long style with accessory The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See2cc93 copper glow long style with accessory back view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair skinned ladies who are naturally red (or should have been) with straight to wavy hair look fabulous in this copper glow ombre’!


When lightening red and copper hair, it usually looks best with a golden hue.  A platinum or ashy blonde will appear unhealthy looking paired with copper, so make sure to discuss the final result with your stylist.

Natural Done Right

Even those with naturally beige (sometimes referred to as “dishwater” blonde) want to try out the new ombre’ trend. Why not? It looks so incredible. Lightening the ends ever so softly gives a summer glow to the hair and sets you up for summertime fun all year long!

2cc93 lovely natural flowing half updo The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

For this look, a medium to dark blonde natural hair color tends to be seen best on fair toned ladies. Curly, wavy or straight hair that is fine to thick can be lightened to achieve this fabulous, natural looking color.


Love her curls? We see a lot of ombre’ styles worn curly to really show off the new lighter ends. So, it’s time to break out your old hot rollers or curling irons to bend those ends into shape. Make sure to use a heat protecting product to keep your ends looking great.

Caramel Highlight Ombre’

Ombre’ has so many different options, one being highlights instead of a solid color. This is great to create a lot of texture with in the ends of your hair and it looks amazing curled!

2cc93 caramel highlight ombre The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See38db8 caramel highlight ombre side view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Dark skin tones look best with this deep chocolate brown and ombre’ caramel highlights. Hair that is medium to thick and has a curly texture look especially beautiful with these highlights.


To keep naturally curly hair looking ombre’ and not a two-toned color is sometimes a task. This technique of having the ombre’ highlights keeps the curls looking their best and still creates the ombre’ effect.

Patterned Ombre’

This reverse ombre’ with patterns stamped or painted on is a fresh take on this new trend. Let your stylist get creative! Try leopard print, flowers, patterns, hearts and more. Everyone will be jealous of your fabulous ‘do!

38db8 unusual patterned ombre long straight look The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones work best with this color palette. To achieve a pattern like this picture, you will need straight medium to thick hair texture.


This may be one of the first times your stylist will be coloring a pattern on hair. Give them a heads up when you make your appointment so if they want to practice before you get there they can. Using a demi permanent color is also a good idea so it will fade away gracefully.

Intertwining Mahogany

Another great accent for dark brown hair is mahogany. It’s not too bright, but will add serious dimension and interest to your rich locks.

38db8 intertwining mahogany look with color and interest The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Brunette beauties with straight, medium to thick hair, and light to medium toned skin wear this mahogany ombre’ wonderfully!


Make sure to show your stylist your version of mahogany. It’s one of those colors that everyone has a different perception of.  You don’t want to go in thinking mahogany/red-brown, and end up with mahogany/bright violet-brown instead. Pictures are always great for explaining color.

Ombre’ = FUN!

Who doesn’t love these fun playful curls paired with an amazing ombre’? A beautiful light brown transitioned into a light caramel makes this look trendy and perfect for everyday wear or a night out.

38db8 medium blonde brown curly style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See38db8 medium blonde brown curly style back view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones carry this color nicely. Curl that holds a curl well is key to this style, whether it is thick or finer.


Try different tools to curl your hair. Curling wands create a perfectly undone curl, while a flat iron can create natural looking curls as well.

Perfectly Natural Ombre’

A smooth, seamless transition from a natural medium blonde to light beige is simply perfection with this color trend. Compliment the color with soft waves and an a-line bob for a sophisticated and flirty look.

38db8 natural ombre short style with waves The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See38db8 natural ombre short style with waves side view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair skin tones look best in this light, soft blonde. Hair that is medium to fine in texture and straight to wavy will be a breeze to style in this hot look.


Lightening finer hair can be tricky. Talk to your stylist about maintaining the integrity of your hair. Ask for a treatment you can use weekly and a heat protection spray to protect your ends while waving.

Blazing Umbre’

This colorful look will turn heads everywhere you go! Fiery copper warms up your face and adds brightness to beautiful brown hair.

38db8 blazing ombre warm copper highlights The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See305e7 blazing ombre warm copper highlights side view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

A light skin tone works best with this gorgeous copper while hair that is fine to medium in thickness and straight makes this style easy to achieve.


Copper not your thing? Try fire engine red, bright violet red or even bright gold! The color choices with ombre’ are endless.

Softest Ombre’

Not everyone want to be bold. This soft ombre’ hair color looks very natural and will brighten your hairstyle right up. Be ready to answer the question, “did you do something different?” over and over again!

305e7 softest ombre long style with subtle color The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones that just need a little extra brightness look great with this natural ombre’. Hair that is finer in texture and straight to wavy will style perfectly with these soft waves just at the ends.


This is a great look to start with if you’re not sure about ombre’. At the following appointment, you can always go a bit lighter.

Teenaged Dream Ombre’

Every teenager wants this ideal ombre’!  Moms love it for the easy upkeep and teens love keeping in the latest style. It’s a win/win combination!

305e7 teenaged dream long wavy style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any skin tone can wear this pretty blonde ombre’. Hair that is medium thickness and straight to wavy will find styling these beachy waves a breeze!


Make sure to ask your stylist about what products you need to keep your hair looking great.  A weekly deep conditioner, heat protectant and flexible hair spray will be key to easy maintenance.

Role Reversal

Ombre’ can be a darker color into lighter, or flip it to lighter to darker! This is a great way to add interest to your look while still maintaining lightness around your face. It also helps to make ends appear thicker and less damaged.

305e7 role reversal long style with headband The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones wear these rich chocolate ends beautifully while hair that is thick and holds a curl well will achieve bouncy curls all day.


If going from an all over blonde to dark ends, it may take more than one appointment to keep the brown from fading. A sulfate-free, color safe shampoo is important to help keep the fading at a minimum. Try Pravana’s Color Ensure Shampoo and Conditioner.

Fairytale Ombre’

Soft ribbons of blonde wind through the ends of this princess’ hair. The ribbons are brought up closer around the face to brighten and create more texture. Beautiful curls are wound together and pulled to the side for a modern, fairytale style.

305e7 fairy tale ombre long style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair skin tones look best in this soft flowing hair while hair that is medium to thick in texture and straight or wavy will style easily.


Multi tones of blonde, caramel and chocolate intertwine to create this rich ombre. To replicate, make sure to bring a picture to your stylist.

Chocolate Delight

Rich chocolate brown fading down into a natural blonde not only brightens your face, but also brings your summer color to life.

305e7 chocolate delight long shiny style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Dark to medium skin tones that have medium to thick straight hair will look amazing with this pretty ombre’.


When lightening your dark locks, remember to keep up on trims. Waiting too long in between appointments can cause damage and split ends to be the focus of your hair instead of your amazing color!

Perfect Reverse

A soft natural blonde evolving into a rich dark brown gives your hair an edgy look that can be worn day or night. Curled, straight or braided, this color will turn heads everywhere you go!

305e7 perfect reverse blonde evolving to brown The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See305e7 perfect reverse blonde evolving to brown side view The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones will glow with this edgy ombre’. Straight or wavy hair that is medium to thick in texture will achieve this look effortlessly.


Adding a few lowlights into the blonde near the scalp helps with the transition of this color. Make sure to talk to your stylist about how light you want your blonde and how dark you want your lowlights to avoid too light or dark of a color.

Golden Glow

Golden hues create an interesting and face flattering ombre’. Golds and soft copper intertwining and coming up around the face brighten and create a glow this season.

b96c9 golden glow long highlighted style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair skin and natural redheads wear this color beautifully while fine to medium hair that is straight or wavy will be able to achieve this style with no trouble.


To keep coppers looking great, make sure to use a sulfate-free, color protecting shampoo. Try Pravana’s Color Ensure paired with Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment for long lasting color.

Contrasting Umbre’

Dark to intense light creates a bold statement in this contrasting color. Perfect for the fashion forward diva who isn’t afraid to draw attention to herself!

b96c9 contrasting ombre shoulder length style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones carry this bold color perfectly while hair that is medium to thick with natural waves will make this style easy to achieve.


Sometimes you have to lighten dark colored ends in more than one appointment. This ensures your ends will stay in great condition and not become over processed. Talk to your stylist about a realistic time frame to achieve your target color.

Cherry Cola

With ombre’ there are no rules! Going from a rich cherry into a dark cola color looks amazing and will be a breeze to maintain.

b96c9 cherry cola long red style with bangs The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Darker skin tones look amazing topped with a soft red melting into dark rich cola. Hair that is straight and thick will show this color off best.


Even if mother nature has blessed you with a few grey hairs, ombre’ can still work for you! With this color, have your stylist formulate a permanent color to cover the unwanted grays and enjoy your new look.

Vixen Umbre’

This sixties-inspired umbre’ will keep you feeling like a Bond girl for a girls night out, wedding or day at the office.

b96c9 vixen ombre full wavy style The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones wear this golden brown to cool blonde ombre’ amazingly. Hair that is medium to thick and has a natural wave will hold this volumous style well.


Volume is the key to this style! Start off with root volumizing foam paired with a thickening cream. Blow dry hair using a medium to small round brush, creating the most volume towards the top and crown. Finish off your look with hot rollers or curling iron.

Copper Fade

Dark rich copper fades into a medium then light copper in this cool color combo. Rich and intense, this look will draw attention at school, work or a night out!

b96c9 copper fade intense color The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to dark skin tones look best in this warm color while thick straight hair will achieve this style with ease.


Love the copper but want to go a bit lighter? Ask your stylist to transition this copper color in to a lighter, pale golden blonde towards the ends.

Golden Ends

Using an ombre’ technique to lighten just the very ends of your hair gives a soft glow and texture to curls. It’s a great way to try out the hottest trend!

b96c9 golden ends soft glow to ends of hair The 30 Hottest Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones with medium straight hair look amazing in this soft curled ombre’.


Love the ombre’ but craving more? At your next appointment, let your stylist know how bold you want to go.  Pictures are always helpful to get on the same page.

Ombre’ hair color is here to stay, so why not freshen up your look and give it a try? With so many color combinations and placement options, your hair can easily transform to bold and bright or soft and natural. Just remember to treat your color and newly lightened (or darkened) ends well. Using sulfate-free shampoos and making appointments for regular trims will keep your hot new hue looking great!

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