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A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels

High heeled shoes are more popular than ever, and many women often ask, “Can wearing heels really be bad for my body?” Regular wearers of high heels who do experience foot, back, or knee problems also wonder if there is any way they can comfortably wear the stylish shoes they love. Podiatrists and orthopedic specialists often see firsthand some of the problems that develop from wearing high-heeled shoes.

Studies have shown that high heeled shoes create excess pressure on the plantar surface, or sole of the foot, which can lead to metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain), excess stress on foot joints, and painful calluses. The higher the heel is, the more probability that muscular imbalances are occurring while walking in the shoes — causing certain leg and foot muscles to work too hard. These imbalances can lead to problems such as knee pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), and hammer toes.

Sometimes an occasion calls for a great-looking pair of heels, but no one wants to sacrifice their health and well-being for fashion. The following celebrity photos identify common mistakes women make in choosing heels, helping to guide you toward choosing better shoes for your comfort and health.

Mistake # 1 – The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

 A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels

Notice the gap between the shoe and the wearer’s heel and arch areas — it likely indicates a shoe that is too long and too wide. This can cause the foot to shift around in the shoe while walking and will surely lead to pain and discomfort. In this case, she probably chose a style that was too wide for her foot.

You may be surprised to learn that your shoe size has changed over the years. A change in foot size can often be attributed to hormonal changes and natural changes in soft tissue that occur with aging. The next time you shop for shoes, be sure to measure your feet for both length and width. Be aware that the right size shoe may not always be a good fit, so it helps to try on a few different styles until you find the most comfortable fit.

Mistake #2 – Extreme Height

 A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels     A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels    A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels

One of the most common problems with high heels is pain under the ball of the foot. A higher heel means more stress on the ball of the foot, ankle, and knee, which increases as the height goes up. Even though these heels have an extreme heel height and appear to be too small in size (notice the dangling toes), they do have three preferable features: 1. The thickness underneath the ball of the foot offsets some of the heel height, and depending on the shoe’s material, may offer better cushioning than a thinner-soled shoe. 2. The chunkiness of the shoe’s heel is preferable to a stiletto heel because it is more stable. 3. The heel is positioned more toward the back of the shoe, which is more stable than a heel positioned more toward the center of the shoe.

Mistake #3 – Not Enough Coverage

 A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels


The only things holding this shoe onto her foot are a tiny ankle strap and a small amount of material across the toes. As she’s bearing weight on the right foot, the shoe is gapping across the middle of her foot and heel, showing that there is inadequate support. This will allow too much motion on an already unsteady, elevated heel. You can bet that long periods of walking in these shoes will leave you with tired, sore feet and put you at risk for an ankle sprain. Your best bet is to choose styles that fit the shape of your foot well, offering adequate material to hold your foot in the shoe — a good example is a high-heeled boot or a shoe with straps across the toe area, arch, and ankle.

Mistake #4 – Toe Torture

 A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels      A Guide for Choosing a More Comfortable Pair of Heels

Seeing the way the toes are squeezed into these pointy-toed shoes is painful to observe. Besides the toes being pushed into a cramped space, there is an issue with the shoe’s toe material not covering enough of the toes. This forces the toes to work harder at maintaining stability, possibly contributing to toe contractures, such as hammer toes. A better choice is a shoe that has more material across the toes and more of a rounded toe box. Another toe problem that can be aggravated by high-heeled shoes is a bunion deformity.

A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet Flats

dd203 ballet flats 560x280 A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are our shoes of choice when wearing heels is just not practical – i.e. if you’re going to be on your feet for a long period of time; if you’re going to the shopping mall; or if you just feel like being comfortable, then a cute pair of ballet flats are the go-to footwear.

Ballet flats have long been trendy and are often spotted worn by celebrities and fashion-forwards females. They offer a chic sense of style but are comfortable for the wearer and can be worn throughout the year- they look perfect paired with a short dress in summer or with thick tights and a wool skirt in winter. Their versatility, comfort and style are what make them so popular. Here is a look at some of our favorite ballet flat trends:


Capped-Toe Ballet Flats

dd203 capped toe ballet flats A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsBlue and gold capped toe ballet flats with bow ($49.99)
Red and gold capped toe ballet flats ($49.99)
Nude and gold capped toe embellished ballet flats ($59.99)



See-Through Ballet Flats

dd203 see through ballet flats A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsYellow and clear see-through fringe ballet flats ($89.99)
Silver and clear open-toe ballet flats ($54.99)
Light pink see-through ballet flats ($47.99)



Studded Ballet Flats

4c9b1 studded ballet flats A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsBlack and metallic studded ballet flats ($59.99)
Gold glitter studded ballet flats ($99.99)
Grey studded ballet flats ($54.99)



Animal Print Ballet Flats

4c9b1 animal print ballet flats A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsZebra and neon yellow animal print ballet flats ($94.99)
Python and pink capped toe animal print ballet flats ($79.99)
Leopard animal print ballet flats ($99.99)



Glitter Ballet Flats

4c9b1 glitter ballet flats A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsPink glitter and black bow ballet flats ($49.99)
Colorful glitter bow ballet flats ($49.99)
Gold glitter ballet flats ($44.99)



Celebs spotted wearing Ballet Flats

996fe blake lively sienna miller taylor swift sarah jessica parker celebs ballet flats outfits A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet Flats

(From left to right: Blake Lively, Sienna Miller, Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker)

996fe jennifer hudson jessica biel katherine heigl olivia palermo celebs ballet flats outfits A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet Flats

(From left to right: Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Biel, Katherine Heigl, Olivia Palermo)

Which are your favorite ballet flats?

55cb8 a32c4d9d46f6f6caa806f5f210c487e8 thumb celebrity shoe brands1 560x280 A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsCelebrity Shoe Brands You Should Know55cb8 07531eed1ac12ca5916c93a839e4ef86 thumb cheap online guess shoes pink flip flops with bow A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsTop 10 Cheap Online Guess Shoes55cb8 32843750fca845f9093cc176567e61ce thumb top shoe trends for 2012 black lace ballet flats A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet FlatsTop Shoe Trends For 2012 (Part 2)f920e bbb695057e52a5729162ed61a0895953 thumb casual chic summer christmas outfit A Few Of Our Favorite Ballet Flats3 Christmas Looks For Under $100


The Must-Have Accessories of Fall 2013, According to the Editors

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April 8, 2013  3:38 pm

2856f rochas earrings3 The Must Have Accessories of Fall 2013, According to the EditorsEach season,’s market director, Marina Larroudé, combs through every collection to find the most covetable accoutrements. In our Fall 2013 Accessories Index, she highlights the best and biggest trends—from funny furs and demure pearls to spikes, studs, and combat boots. We couldn’t help but pick our own favorites, so below, the editors reveal what we’ll be craving come fall.

“It’s a long process to work on the Accessories Index. We feature almost 200 brands and around 5,000 images. Every season, I like to discover new brands to add to our list. It’s unfair to ask me for a favorite accessory, but I would be happy to have Rochas’ earrings, any Prada shoe, or any Victoria Beckham day bag.” —Marina Larroudé, market director

2856f narcisso shoe1 The Must Have Accessories of Fall 2013, According to the Editors

“I love the schoolmarm-meets-sexpot look of this Narciso Rodriguez pump.” —Nicole Phelps, executive editor

2856f stella shoe The Must Have Accessories of Fall 2013, According to the Editors“In my imagination, I’m that chic kind of girl who cabs to and from appointments in a pair of single-sole Manolos. In reality, I’m subway-ing everywhere and need shoes I can really stomp around in. These lug-soled Stella McCartney beauties are the footwear equivalent of all-terrain vehicles, placing them at the top of my must-have list for fall.” —Brittany Adams, associate fashion editor

2856f charlotte olympia platforms The Must Have Accessories of Fall 2013, According to the Editors

“I’m a sucker for irreverent accessories, and these Charlotte Olympia platforms have it all—they’re saucy, silly, and sweet. Who needs Prince Charming when you can wear a happy ending on your heel? —Katharine K. Zarrella, associate news editor

40438 proenza schouler clutch The Must Have Accessories of Fall 2013, According to the Editors

“For me, it’s all about those Proenza Schouler clutches—their subtlety, elegance, and textural illusion.” —Eve Marie Blazo, editorial coordinator

40438 altuzarra boot The Must Have Accessories of Fall 2013, According to the Editors

“As traditional as they are vampy, Altuzarra’s thigh-high black boots are the perfect combination of Mary Jane and femme fatale. I lust for them for fall.” —Rachel Walgrove, social media editor



Katharine K. Zarrella


tags: Altuzarra, Charlotte Olympia, Manolo Blahnik, Narciso Rodriguez, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Rochas, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham

Miranda Kerr is A Shades Addict – We Stalk Her Sunglasses Wardrobe For Sunshine

As the weather finally turns and the sunshine peeks from behind those omnipresent clouds, it’s time to update your sunglasses wardrobe to protect your eyes and look damn cool – obviously. And who better to provide you with some sunnies style-spiration than serial sunglasses sporter Miranda Kerr?

f2d8c Untitled 2 2 Miranda Kerr is A Shades Addict   We Stalk Her Sunglasses Wardrobe For Sunshine

Miranda’s Sunglasses Wardrobe, From Top Left, clockwise: Tortoiseshell frames by Miu Miu, Red Mosaic Frames by Stella McCartney, Tortoiseshell Wayfarers by Rayban, Gold frames by Miu Miu, Tortiseshell frames by Stella McCartney, Black Circle Shades by Stella McCartney

Ever the trend setter, Miranda’s wardrobe brings out a serious case of the green-eyed monster. From her perfectly cut jeans and leather trousers to her stellar coat collection she’s a star who totally convinces you that she a) loves fashion and b) is naturally, extremely stylish.

But what makes Miranda truly stand out from the crowd is her ability to accessorize every outfit with polished perfection. The one accessory that Miranda is never spotted without are her signature dark shades – but when it comes to her sunglasses style, Mrs Orlando Bloom is certainly fickle.

While she has sported plenty of classic frames – from RayBan’s wayfarers and aviators to Stella McCartney’s retro circle styles in black and tortoiseshell, Miranda isn’t afraid to experiment with more fashion forward looks. Take Miu Miu’s gold sparkly and tortoise wire frames – definite Miranda favourites, and guaranteed to stand out from a crowd. Or her red mosaic style Stella McCartney sunnies – another style statement from the leggy supermodel.

Sunglasses are of course a major investment and your style will depend on your choice all though the summer. So to take away the angst why not just channel Miranda, and pick a frame from her seemingly endless sunglasses wardrobe?! Click through the gallery below for sunnies style-spiration!

All frames available from David Clulow, 08442640870

Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf

Because spring is finally here — according to both your calendar and the exuberant birds caroling outside your window — I’m paying homage to the season by showcasing my favorite spring accessory: the scarf.

Despite my personal heartfelt adoration for the floaty wardrobe embellishment, there’s a bounty of women who shy away from spring scarves. I’m here to tell you: Do not be afraid. The spring scarf comes in peace. And I contend it’s a versatile must-have that literally everyone looks good wearing. Everyone! Hear me out.

Spring scarves can add a pop of color to a neutral outfit, soften up a stark ensemble and can be styled umpteen ways. They can make you feel, and look, like a boho goddess, a gypsy queen, a hippy heroine or even a 21st century Rosie the Riveter. You can wrap a scarf around your wrist, tie it around your purse handles, throw it over your shoulders, fashion it as a belt, tuck it into your jeans pocket and, of course, weave it through your pretty tresses.

For ideas on the lattermost of that list, check out the 6 spring scarf hair tutorials below.

Turban Headband Scarf

The sweet turban trend is one of my favorites. It’s surprisingly feminine and the options are limitless in terms of what kinds of print you want to work with. I love a floral number, as pictured (so chic!), but solid colors and even sparkly, embellished scarves are a perfect choice for this style. Daisy at the Pixel and Hank blog walks you through her turban headband scarf tutorial in three easy peasy steps.

c8920 PixelAndHank1 Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarfc8920 PixelAndHank2 Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf5ee6c PixelAndHank3 Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf

Cinnamon Bun Scarf Tutorial

Talk about gorgeous hair! I am in love with this “cinnamon bun” fashioned out of a scarf by Janae at TheLetter4. The two-toned scarf Janae used for this is perfect. Notice the cool effect it has once twisted and secured. Check out her teeny tiny, 2-minute video tutorial on the blog — you’ll be amazed by how simple it is to re-create. By the way, this style is perfect if you need to cover up unruly hair or a sweaty scalp post-workout.

5ee6c TheLetter4 Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf

Fun Bun

For those days when you need hair up and out of your face, I introduce you to the “Fun Bun.” It’s like your standard bun, but funner. Inside Stitch breaks the style down for you in four steps. Essentially, you gather hair into a high pony tail and then twist hair and wrap into a bun. Next, wrap your scarf around the interior base of the bun and tie into a cute bow. Voila! Fun bun. You can try this with pretty much any style of bun. For example, this version, by Love Maegan, is picture-perfect. She leaves the ends untied, which I love.

5ee6c InsideStitch Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf

Four Strand Scarf Braid

This super simple, four-strand scarf braid utilizes a scarf as the fourth strand instead of your natural hair. YouTube user BornToBeLikeMiley says this style works for both medium and long hair, but you can always clip in some temporary extensions for additional length and thickness. If you’re a bit intimidated by the concept of four strands versus the standard three, try this style out with a basic braid, using two strand of hair and your scarf as the third.


Bow Scarf Braid

Vintage Inspired Clothing brings you another version of the above braided scarf hairstyle. This one reads a little more cutesy-fem, making it especially ideal for a spring fling. I can see it now: you in a pretty spring dress, the perfect pair of shoes and hair that everyone will want to showcase on their Instragram feed. Start by tying a thin scarf into a bow and securing at the crown. Then, braid hair (with the scarf in one strand) and secure. Wrap the remaining scarf around the end for a polished look.

5ee6c VintageInspiredClothing Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf

’40s Headscarf Wrap

I mentioned Rosie the Riveter above, so I naturally had to include a hair wrap inspired by the fearless factory worker in this roundup. This particular tutorial comes to you from pretty Solanah of Vixen Vintage, who very much lives up to her blog name. You’ll need a large, square scarf for this style. The look is perfect for days you need to work in the garden or take the broom and mop to your abode. In other words, it keeps hair out of your face and you looking fab.

5ee6c VintageVixen Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf

Love these scarf-inspired looks? Then you’ll love this summer-perfect boho chic updo too!

Annie Get Your Bag

Designer update

April 5, 2013  3:22 pm

23ebf annie williams bag Annie Get Your BagAnnie Williams is proof that you don’t need to live in a major fashion capital to gain a foothold in the industry. Based in Nashville, the up-and-coming handbag designer, who is perhaps best known as a singer-songwriter , is building a following with her no-frills leather clutches and unisex weekender totes. Williams got her start in Wyoming, making chalk bags for avid rock-climbers, like her and her husband; she sewed them on an industrial Consew machine, which she still uses today.

Upon moving to Tennessee for her musical pursuits, Williams met a local who stoked her leather obsession and ultimately became her go-to source for all things tanned. The designer described her secret weapon as “a country-bumpkin man out in the woods who knows where all these closed-down factories are and scores me all kinds of amazing scraps and whole hides for cheap—I’d be happy just staring at a whole hide all day,” she told After several people put in personal requests for bags like the one she’d been toting around, Williams decided to start producing and wholesaling them in small batches. Fall ’13 is Williams’ fourth official collection, and this season she began incorporating natural wool into her designs. “There’s an emphasis on form and function. I let the materials speak for themselves,” she said of her bags, which feature vintage hardware details. Williams plans to grow her brand organically while still spending as much time in the recording studio as possible. A range of home goods—like throw rugs and pillows—is also in the works. “I like having full control, and still want to have my hand on everything.”

Annie Williams’ bags ($200 to $800) are currently sold on her Web site, and in select boutiques, including Clic Gallery in New York.


Katharine K. Zarrella


tags: Annie Williams, Clique Gallery

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Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Gypsy Cut Out Dress

    11c37 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Micro Atlantique Bag

    11c37 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Peep-Toe Sandals

    11c37 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Double Septum Earrings

    11c37 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Paula Sunglasses

    8c517 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Hi and Wasted Jeans

    8c517 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Leopard Camera Bag

    8c517 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • The Leather Mini Skirt

    8c517 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Clio Earrings

    8c517 main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Peony Bomber Jacket

    74cee main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

  • Spike Bangle

    74cee main.original.130x130 Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Raids The Who What Wear Closet

Saturday, March, 30, 2013

We’ve secretly always wanted to raid Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor’s wardrobe, but letting the Los Angeles-raised model/DJ/stylesetter have free rein over the Who What Wear closet was a fabulous compromise. She’s one of the most buzzed-about names on the lips of industry insiders, who simply can’t get enough of her cool fashion sense, a mix of rock ‘n’ roll edge, ‘70s-inspired bohemian flair, and British nonchalance. Her look—think: band t-shirts, vintage floral dresses, biker jackets, denim vests, and low-heeled ankle boots sprinkled with bright colors and prints—is partly due to her own free-spirited take on contemporary trends, partly thanks to her upbringing. After all, she’s the daughter of two famous Brits (dad is Duran Duran bassist John Taylor and mom is model-turned-photographer-turned-television host-and-executive producer Amanda de Cadenet) who’ve made their own impact on the fashion world.

Now, however, the spotlight is decidedly focused on de Cadenet Taylor, who’s in high demand both as a DJ (she’s spun at parties for big brands like Topshop and Macy’s) and a model. She recently appeared in the The New York Times’ “Shopping Snapshots,” starred in an Oz-inspired editorial shot by director Sam Raimi in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, and the list goes on. What’s next for our of-the-moment maven? You’ll spot her in a shoot for ASOS, as well as a Current/Elliott campaign for their upcoming e-commerce site. Along with everyone else, we’ve been part of de Cadenet Taylor’s fan club for some time now, so we were thrilled when she agreed to curate her favorite picks for today’s Styled By story. The fashionable muse also styled an outfit and shared why she wants it all, so read on for exclusive details.

Her Look
“I’m drawn to prints and bright colors,” de Cadenet Taylor says. No wonder she chose Shakuhachi’s Gypsy Cut Out Dress ($255) punctuated by equally vibrant pieces, like Reed Krakoff’s Micro Atlantique Bag ($990) and Nina Shari’s Peep-Toe Sandals ($175). “I thought the dress had a vintage vibe, which I love,” she explains. “As for the shoes, I loved the rainbow colors; they’re easy to walk in and not a heel, so it’s like my ode to attempting to be a lady, that in-between where you’re still super comfortable but you get that height. A bright fun bag just pushes the outfit over the edge.” She finished off her look with a few subtly edgy accents, including Luv AJ’s Double Septum Earrings ($70) and Dezso by Sara Beltran’s Shark Tooth Mexican Bracelet ($100, 503.224.0334) and Anadara Mexican Bracelet ($60, 503.224.0334).

Her Picks
1. M Missoni Spacedye Crop Turtleneck ($545, 212.431.6500)
Crop tops are having a heyday right now, and de Cadenet Taylor’s completely on board! This shrunken M Missoni piece caught her eye: “I thought the colors of the top would look cute with the blue skirt. I love the fact that it’s a turtleneck and it’s tight.”

2. Gant Paula Sunglasses ($195) in Light Tortoise
These tortoiseshell shades have a touch of retro appeal, but they’re also completely versatile. “I love the like cat-eye vibe,” de Cadenet Taylor says. “I feel like it’s a really fun shape that would be flattering on mostly everyone.”

3. Ksubi Hi and Wasted Jeans ($229) in Black Cat
“If I’m going to wear jeans, they’re usually only black or high-waisted grandma jeans, so this is a nice in-between,” she says of Ksubi’s tapered skinnies.

4. Shakuhachi Leopard Camera Bag ($167)
“I’m a leopard kind of gal,” de Cadenet Taylor declares, smitten with Shakuhachi’s just-the-right-size carrier. “You can never go wrong with leopard, and a small leopard bag works with everything.”

5. American Apparel The Leather Mini Skirt ($125) in Light Blue Lambskin
Another high-waisted piece—American Apparel’s leather mini—made it into de Cadenet Taylor’s roundup. “I think high-waisted skirts look good on everyone,” she explains. “I also thought the skirt was a really pretty light blue—I’m into it.”

6. Camilla James Clio Earrings ($150)
“These earrings are really fun,” de Cadenet Taylor says. We imagine these crystal-embellished baubles offer a chic accompaniment to her going-out ensembles.

7. Lover Peony Bomber Jacket ($495)
One of de Cadenet Taylor’s standout picks? Lover’s punchy bomber jacket, particularly for its on-trend shape. “It’s motorcycle-esque, but you could also throw it over your shoulders to keep you warm and it’s still got that fun print on it,” she says.

8. Sarah Chloe Spike Bangle ($98) in Yellow Gold Plated
“I wear mostly gold jewelry,” de Cadenet Taylor says, selecting this sleek piece by Sarah Chloe. “I love this studded open design.”

Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes

Girls will be girls, and girls love to shop – they love to shop for shoes, handbags and any other on-trend items. That being said, most girls have a shopping budget and thus would love to get the best “bang for their buck”, if you are a budget savvy girl that wants to get the most value for her money without having to dig into her savings then this post is for you.

Sure we all love big name designer shoes that we’ve see worn on the red carpet or by fashionistas, but realistically we can’t afford every pair of designer shoes that our hearts desire, and that’s why we’ve bringing you a list of dupe designer shoes – so that you can achieve the same look at a fraction of the price!

Casadei Neon Pink Blade Pumps

These pretty pink patent pumps retail for $740.00, but we have a dupe for you – the Betsey Johnson – Tapp Pink Neon Pumps for just $109.99, what a steal!

c5161 Casadei Blade Pumps Neon Pink Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes


Jimmy Choo Lance Metallic Silver Leather Sandals

These Jimmy Choo criss-cross strappy metallic sandals sell for $850.00 but for just $199.99 you can purchase the Badgley Mischka – Keyes Silver Satin Heels.

2c61a Jimmy Choo Lance Metallic Silver Leather Sandals Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Just about every fashionista owns a pair of Lita’s by Jeffrey Campbell, and at $159.99 they won’t break the bank, but for $54.99 you can get a pair of equally fabulous Promise Shoes – Magi Black Ankle Boots.

2c61a Jeffrey Campbell Black Lita Boots Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes

Louis Vuitton Merry-Go-Round Pumps

Capped toe pumps have been a major hit for a long time, but these LV “Merry-go-round” pumps for $1056.00 aren’t attainable for your average fashionista, but we’ve found a pair of Chinese Laundry – Danger Zone White Toe Capped Heels for just $94.99.

2c61a Louis Vuitton White Merry Go Round Capped Toe Pumps  Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals

These pretty platform t-bar sandals are out of our price range at a whopping $875.00 but these amazing dupes by JustFab – Lianca Black Sandals are just $49.99.

14864 Yves Saint Laurent Black Tribute Sandals  Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes

Christian Louboutin Circus Cutout Boots

Louboutin is one of the top shoe designers in the fashion industry with a huge following of celebrities and fashion-loving girls but these Circus cutout boots are priced a little steep at $1295.00. If you want a dupe, try these N.Y.L.A – Culver Bootie Black for just $116.99- that’s less than 10% of the Loubouies.

14864 Christian Louboutin Black Circus Cutout Ankle Boots  Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes

Camilla Skovgaard Studded Leather Sandals

We love studs, and we love studded shoes but these Camilla Skovgaard studded sandals are out of our price range at $605, but if you really adore them then try these Circus by Sam Edelman – Raina Nude Nubuck Sandals for $119.99.

14864 Camilla Skovgaard Nude Studded Leather Sandals  Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes

Gianmarco Lorenzi Wedge Sandals

You have 2 choices, you can either buy these orange wedge sandals for $315.00, or you can buy the almost identical dupe for $49.99 from Shoe Republic – Glacier Neon Orange Wedges. What will it be?

4f75f Gianmarco Lorenzi Orange Wedge Sandals Our Favorite Designer Shoes Dupes


So the question of the day is: would you rather splurge the money on the real deal or save your money and get a dupe?

4f75f 088e7b484d0ff550d73562a1b15a4624 thumb proenza schouler messenger handbag Our Favorite Designer Shoes DupesOur Favorite Designer Handbag Dupes4f75f a32c4d9d46f6f6caa806f5f210c487e8 thumb celebrity shoe brands1 560x280 Our Favorite Designer Shoes DupesCelebrity Shoe Brands You Should Knowc0e50 b7f0e474cdb49afdf55292756e904004 thumb khloe kardashian with neon yellow proenza schouler ps1 handbag Our Favorite Designer Shoes DupesCeleb Style – Proenza Schouler PS1 Handbagc0e50 259d7cf11eb91c9a0ed3cfb72be2f9e2 thumb white with red floral print bikini Our Favorite Designer Shoes DupesSwimwear Trends To Try This Summer


The Perfect Pair: Spring’s Prettiest Polishes & Purses


When you think of accessories, what comes to mind first? When we think of accessories, we dream of chic, colorful handbags (big shocker, right?!) and perfectly manicured nails. During the Spring 2013 runway shows, we noticed models sporting trends that are beyond-perfect for the seasonal nail scene, and we thought we’d share our observations.

Check out these top five shades, each perfectly paired with one of our fabulous bags!

Nude, Nude, Nude!

 The Perfect Pair: Spring’s Prettiest Polishes & Purses

Ever consider going bare? Nude nails were huge on the runway, but this doesn’t mean you have to go naked! Opt for a glossy, nude shade, much like NARS Candy Darling. And how fun is this Hailey Studded Leopard Bag? Right on trend with studs and animal print embellishments, this bag is a perfect addition to your collection this spring!

Walk on the Dark Side

bd5b6 butter london The Perfect Pair: Spring’s Prettiest Polishes & Purses

While lighter shades typically come to mind in the spring, this season is posing to be a year of darker colors — with emerald at the top of the spectrum! From dark greens like this Butter London to black and slate gray, darker shades are one nail trend to give a try this spring. And this sleek Cheryl Structured Bag offers a perfect mix of emerald shading, color blocking, and metallic touches for the working gal!

(Psst…Are you loving emerald as much as us this season? Be sure to shop The Color of the Year in our special handbag collection!)

Miss Metallic

 The Perfect Pair: Spring’s Prettiest Polishes & Purses

Whether you opt for a set of all 10, just one accent nail per hand, or embellishments such as metallic tips or stripes, the metallic nail is another fun trend to be aware of for spring. From sparkly silvers to bronze and pale gold like Essie’s Good as Gold, this is one trend to get excited about! And don’t you just love this Samantha Quilted Handbag? So magnifique.

Bright Like A Diamond

 The Perfect Pair: Spring’s Prettiest Polishes & Purses

When the weather begins to warm up, you can always count on brights to make a return! This season, brights of all colors are a go, from blues and greens to punchy reds, much like this OPI My Chihuahua Bites. Smaller handbags and mini satchels are also on-trend this season. We just adore this Jennifer Patent Mini Satchel – the perfect purse for a spring getaway!

White Haute

 The Perfect Pair: Spring’s Prettiest Polishes & Purses

Well this is one we haven’t seen in awhile! Bright white polish is making a comeback, and we have to say that we’re happy for its return! Whether you choose a flat shade or something with a little sparkle, this cheery color is perfect for spring. And this Elizabeth Top Handle Tote is a perfect match! With its two-tone exterior and fun, metallic embellishments, this is one bag that we’re dying to keep for ourselves!

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Big brim hats for women

Big brim hats for women have been a part of the fashion world for years, but unlike many trends that die hard, this admired style continues to make a name for itself year after year. Big brim hats offer unique character to complete any look by providing class and style. While all styles of womens hats have been a compliment to their attire for years, big brim hats have taken off as the perfect addition to any formal occasion, a night on the town, horse race or summer getaway at the beach.

Our popular line of big brim women’s hats features the styles of top hat designers, Kokin, Helen Kaminski, San Diego, and Scala, to name a few. Kokin’s big brim hat designs have been seen on the heads of First Lady, Laura Bush and Hollywood stars: Farrah Fawcett, Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson. He has been titled the “Milliner of the Kentucky Derby” for his famous Kentucky Derby hats, and even won the awards for being the featured hat designer for the 1995 movie Clueless, staring Alicia Silverstone. For those of you looking for quality and affordability, be sure not to miss the Scala big brim hat collection – as seen in Self magazine, Cosmo Girl, and InStyle; these hats are famous for working in all of today’s hottestmillinery styles into their design.

spring preview women Big brim hats for women

Not only does the popular trend of women’s big brim hats serve a purpose for style as the most noticeable accessory to draw one’s attention to your face, they are also one of the best ways to shield Mother Nature’s harmful rays. Our San Diego Audrey big brim hat is the largest of our collection with a 6″ brim that is sure to protect even the most delicate skin. Don’t get burned by missing out on this classic women’s fashion must – big brim hats.

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